COBY is Stepping Up Its Game!

posted by on 03.05.10 at 11:35 am

I'm pretty sure you guys remember COBY... They used to sell headphones for like $5 that would break 5 days later, or cd players that also cost $5 and would break...5 days later. Well, now they make netbooks and you can own your own COBY netbook for $85. I feel like buying a couple of these bad boys to throw at geese in my school. Actually, apparently there were multiple thefts occurring in my building, I bet if I left my dorm room open and just put this on my desk, open for any burglar to take... no crook in the right mind would take it. They'd most likely go for my SKIPPY peanut butter first.

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  1. boundtruth says:

    DAMN! Look at the size of that bezel! What is it a 6 inch screen with a 3 inch bezel? Hahaha

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