Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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Jimmy Fallon has taken over Late Night and the first show is on tonight, March 2nd! Guests are gonna be Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake, Van Morrision and the Roots.

Jimmy Fallon is bringing some new stuff for Late Night television. Looks like he’s gonna be pulling off stuff from the internet and involving the community more. Here’s a list from Business Insider:

  • Bringing live commercials back to TV
  • Digging stuff from the Internet
  •, isn’t site just for the show but an actual place for some extra awesome stuff.
  • Integrating his Twitter and Facebook with the show.
  • In-show segment sponsorships.
  • More geeky guests.

I think Jimmy Fallon will be pretty awesome. I saw an interview with him at CES and just finished watching Jimmy Fallon on diggnation. He seems to be in the loop with stuff on the internet and technology. Funny too, which is mad cool. While Jimmy Fallon probably will never replace Conan, cause you know Conan is the best, it’ll be a interesting change for late night television.

Watch it in 30 minutes @ 12:35 on NBC! (or wait till they put it up on hulu)

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