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So I just watched this movie and it was EPIC. The movie is about Genghis Khan's life and the legend that he was. Its extra cool for me cause that's where my ancestry comes from and I get to see all the stories I heard about growing up. Plus I get to hear old Turkish words that have stayed the same, so that's also very cool. BUT the COOLEST thing is the scene below. I remember the story about the horsemen who would ride into the battle first, knowing they were going to die no matter what. 40 brave horsemen willing to die for their people. Anyway, this movie is supposed to be the first in a series yet to come. In this movie, it shows how Genghis Khan rises and becomes the king of all the mongols. There's a rumor the second movie is coming out this year which is supposed to be called The Great Khan, but I didn't find crap.

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  1. armmimic says:

    I was gonna watch this, but the entire movie was in Russian and I didn't want to take my eyes off the action for the subs. Did you watch a sub or a dub?

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