Runner Crapping Pants.

posted by on 03.24.09 at 5:50 am


Is it mean of me to find this picture hilarious? Man...I've crapped my pants before but that's just full blown diarrhea right there. That is the epitome of the term "Hershey Squirts".

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  1. jane! says:

    that is the epitome of foodge

  2. John O.O says:

    The face is priceless. That's a real competitor right there. Keep moving forward.

  3. armmimic says:

    This ALMOST happened to me before... running ain't easy!

  4. Nabil says:

    i knew a guy who crapped himself while running, felt kinda bad for him

    oh and btw its called a european face, thats the look hes sporting in the pic.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    So... You've crapped your pants before? Like... Not as a baby? Haha please tell us about it!

  6. catdizzle says:

    oh dude that sooooooo sad!
    and gross.
    doesnt even matter if he won or not
    people arent gonna remember him for winning. theyre gonna remember him for THAT!

  7. armmimic says:

    You'll be happy to know Will threw up while running track today.

    I never crapped my pants, but when I first started running and when i pushed myself, I usually felt like crapping so bad that if I had diarrhea when I ran, i'd probably ended up like #26 up there.

  8. qtjoel says:

    Man, this post is getting a lot of comments!

  9. bonham says:

    Poor guy. This almost happened to me once, when I was running with a nice girl. I had to excuse myself, went into the bushes and 2 mins later I was back on track 500 g lighter. Couldn't have imagined the embarassement! I learned from that to never eat too much before going running. btw, this is called runners diarrhea or marathon diarrhea.

  10. Sarah says:

    Oh man, thats funny and sad all at the same time. The look on the people's face in the background is the best part. Geez.

  11. B. Profitendieu says:

    the guy needs to rethink his priorities ... anyone who wouldn't stop running at that point is a complete imbecile!!


  12. Erica says:

    He must be winning. There's no other reason not to stop.

  13. Erica says:

    And hey, maybe somebody threw something at him. It is all over the FRONT of his shorts after all. Maybe.

  14. evanlyn says:

    That 26 is a real hard-working dude. He only did that so he didn't have to stop running.

  15. JeremyE says:

    now thats dedication... or should i say defication :p

  16. bcALDWELL says:

    lol dude this is f***** hilarious if i felt something slide down my leg like that i would kicked in to to 20th gear lol and i wouldnt running after i get past the finish line either

  17. bcALDWELL says:


  18. COBRA says:

    The best part of the pic are the people in the background staring at him..

  19. YOYOYO says:

    lolololololol. like totes? this is hilarious.

  20. Philly701 says:

    What place did he get? Tird? hahaha Get it? tird, third.

  21. guuhuhhhh says:

    ewwwww thats so gross i could never do that not even if i was winning ahh gross

  22. Max says:

    Is that why they call it 'the runs'? Bwahaha!

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