Can you [insert activity here] for 8 hours?

posted by on 07.20.09 at 11:54 pm


I just stumbled across this promotion for Acer’s Aspire Timeline line of laptops. They have a bunch of videos of people performing experiments to prove the awesomeness of their laptops. Some of them test if various things can last up to 8 hours: a pen, table tennis rally, a lighter. Though, none of them do. This, of course, is to show off their laptop line and their 8 hour battery life.

They also perform a bunch of other experiments too, like… is heat from a laptop enough to undress a model. (the answer is yes). Yeah.

Anyway, I’ve embedded all the videos below.

Experiment 1: Can a pen last for 8 hours?

YouTube Preview Image

See the rest of the experiments here

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