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So my friend (Whom I may not reveal the identity of) started this website called TXTSPOOF.COM. It's pretty sick...At first I thought it was illegal but I guess not. The description of it is below.

txtSpoof allows you to send a text message and decide who the message appears to be sent from! The sender's number can be any phone number you choose. If the phone number is in their address book, it will show the apparent sender's

I tried it and it's pretty sick (in an awesome way and in a way that can ruin lives). SO GET SOME CREDITS AND HAVE FUN!

NOTE: IT ONLY WORKS ON T-mobile AT&T Cellular One and Cincinatti mobile.

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  1. txtspoof says:

    Thanks for the love Joel. We're giving out free credits to WTFoodge readers, so sign up quickly!

    • bentday says:

      Lol I signed up but I had a few problems. One there's no wtfoodge reader verification. Two, when I get to the part where I enter in the phone numbers and stuff there are no instructions or even labels. -Sincerely, the troll.

  2. txtspoof says:

    The verification is checking your referrer. Don't worry, it's there.
    As for the labels....that's just odd. What browser are you using?

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